Uri Eugenio
I’m a freelance dancer, teacher, coach and choreographer based in Amsterdam. I did my studies at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. After completion of my studies I've worked for several renowned dance companies and choreographers such as Scapino Ballet, LeineRoebana, David Middendorp and Nanine Linning, with whom I’ve performed in many different cities in Europe and abroad. I've also appeared in several TV shows including “Dancing Queen” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Over the years I’ve developed my own style and I’ve started to create my own work. I teach two types of classes: a modern jazz class and a contemporary class.

My modern jazz class starts with a warming up that focuses on placement, coordination, strengthening and flexibility. Another important focus point is musicality: learning to analyze and embody the music. I also incorporate elements from several other dance styles such as contemporary, hip hop and ballet to keep evolving my style.

With these elements and focus points I hope to expand the movement vocabulary of my students and to better enable them to translate their personal experiences and feelings into dance.

The key focus points of my contemporary class are individuality, body awareness and awareness of the space.

The class starts with a series of ongoing movements to awaken the body as a whole. The attention then shifts to the smaller details and articulations in the body.

Everybody and each body is different. I want to encourage and stimulate that individuality. With the help of a dance phrase and tasks, I let the students explore elements of the body (articulations, texture), space (levels, planes) and time (musicality, dynamics). With this I hope to trigger a curiosity within the participants to explore their own individual physicality on a much deeper level.

Be, dance, explore and experience.

For classes, workshops, coaching or choreography contact me at uri@urieu.com.

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