Uri Eugenio
I was born on St. Maarten in 1982 and have been living in the Netherlands since 2001. I did my studies at the Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg. After completion of my studies I’ve worked for several renowned dance companies and choreographers such as Scapino Ballet, Leine Roebana, David Middendorp and Nanine Linning. I’ve also appeared in several TV shows including "Dancing Queen" and "So You Think You Can Dance".

Over the years I have performed in Europe and abroad such as New York, Boston, California, Washington, Indonesia, Shanghai, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Next to performing, I give workshops, private classes and personal coaching. I am also in the faculty of the Amsterdam Dance Centre, Amsterdam School of the Arts, Moves Almere and a regular guest teacher at the Fontys School of the Arts.

In my classes I include techniques from various dance styles such as jazz, ballet, modern and hip hop. The key objectives of my teaching is expanding the vocabulary of my students and to better enable them to translate their personal experiences and feelings into dance. I also put emphasis on musicality: learning to listen and embody the music and then linking it to your own experiences and feelings.

A good class in my eyes is a class in which is worked hard, where everyone feels at ease and can be themselves and get lost in the moment.

Sharpen the eyes, ears and mind. Together they can make a powerful instrument.

For workshops, coaching or choreography contact me at uri@urieu.com.

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